About Us

At Meridian we’ve embraced a singular design philosophy: 

Form must follow Function

We place this philosophy at the core of everything we do, ultimately giving new forms to everyday items.

We then use the latest technology and premium materials to bring these forms to life, turning them into meticulously hand-crafted products that exceed industry performance standards.


At Meridian our core value is simple: get the best people possible.

Great products are made by great people – period.

On top of this we all share a passion for the outdoors and a refined lifestyle.


For us, it all starts with design so we hired international, award winning Industrial Design experts with specialist experience in thermoplastics and injection molding to ensure our product meets the premium brand experience we’re selling.

Built in the USA

While manufacturing outside of the United States may offer cost-saving advantages, we are committed to a business model based on locally sourced materials and manufacturing.

This approach not only supports American businesses and jobs, it also enables us to maintain quality control, protect our intellectual property and establish an agile and responsive supply chain that supports our customer experience.


At the heart of our business from efficient manufacturing to durable design and mindful material selection, we’ve placed sustainability at the core of our business.

Our partners and manufacturers share our commitment, adhering to the principles of the circular economy.

This approach minimizes waste, optimizes resource use, and promotes the recycling of materials for a more
sustainable future.

Customer Experience

Together with our world-class products we have world-class service, from order placement to shipping, and in the rare event you need assistance or replacement parts.

Rest assured we’ll be there with a customer experience second to none.

Be One of the First

With The Meridian at your side, every
adventure is refined.

Elegant I Sophisticated I Timeless

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