Why Redesign the Premium Rugged cooler?

Because they have three critical flaws; they’re heavy, bulky and purely utilitarian.

The Meridian, its everything your premium rugged cooler isn’t.

Lightweight • Vacuum Insulated • Elegant

Ice for Days

Vacuum Insulated Panels offer class leading ice retention for any adventure.

Interior Illumination

Sensor driven LED lighting in low ambient light to ensure youre never in the dark.

Make It Your Own

A variety of accessories designed to cater for any occasion and multiple configurations to suit any adventure.


Thousands of hours of meticulous design and development have gone into perfecting The Meridian.

Constructed with impact-resistant composite ABS thermoplastics it boasts a lightweight yet sturdy design, one that ensures it’s built to last.

What’s more, the precision
achieved through our manufacturers’ advanced 950-ton injection molding
machinery allows for intricate features and precise parts.

Like the custom-designed friction hinges, a single-handed latch, non-slip feet, integrated side handles, and a leak-proof silicone gasket for secure and convenient use.

Elegant I Sophisticated I Timeless

Class leading ice retention

The secret to The Meridian’s superior ice retention lies in it’s custom manufactured Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs).

Commonly used in the medical and aerospace industries, these gas-tight enclosures have a rigid core and function like a thermos flask, providing unmatched thermal insulation.

They are lightweight and compact rivalling the inches of traditional foam thickness found in other premium coolers. 

Interior Illumination

Add the illumination module to experience the ultimate refinement in your adventure after dark.

Opening the lid in low ambient light automatically activates the LED light module, ensuring you always have a full view of the cooler’s contents, no matter where you are.

The removable LED module is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which is FAA, TSA and IATA compliant, meaning you can air travel with The Meridian on all of your adventures.


A multitude of customization options make it versatile enough for any occasion, from yachting to a country-club barbecue.

With The Meridian you can configure your cooler to match a specific adventure.

Unlimited configurations mean unlimited adventure

Onboard Accessories

Accessorize your Meridian with our unique multipurpose tray that is designed to hold your dry goods, snacks or drinks garnish.

The matching lid of the tray functions as a cutting board on one side and a recycled cork table on the other.

Add our natural cork insert with select bar accessories to ensure you’re never without a bottle opener, corkscrew or champagne stopper.

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