Crafted to exacting standards, this compact and lightweight marvel delivers class-leading capabilities while exuding an unmistakable aura of sophistication.

Born in the USA

Proudly hand built in the USA from locally sourced materials to exacting standards.

5 Year Warranty

Designed to last a lifetime by using serviceable and replaceable parts made from premium materials.

Sustainable Design

We choose materials for their durability and recyclability without compromising quality.


Inspired by naval architecture, The Meridian captivates the eye with its sleek lines while delivering class-leading performance.

Elegant I Sophisticated I Timeless

Stylish & Sophisticated.

It’s either practical or pretty, never both.

Until now. Made in the USA from premium materials it offers category-leading performance while being 100% more sophisticated than comparable products

Slimline Form

The Allrounder. Pretty and Practical.

We’ve used smart design elements, and a wall thickness of less than an inch, to reduce the bulk of The Meridian by 70% compared to other top of the range rugged coolers, while still managing to offer class-leading ice retention.


Like packing for any adventure should be.

At almost 2 lbs lighter when empty than comparable premium hard coolers , we’ve designed The Meridian using hi-tech materials so that it is light enough, yet durable enough, to take on any adventure.

Premium Materials

From double stitched, full-grain, vegetable tanned leather to recycled cork inserts, The Meridian is built using only premium materials.

We’ve selected these high-quality wares to ensure that our product matches our design philosophy and the craftsmanship required to produce each part.

Onboard Accessories

The Meridian includes a unique multipurpose tray that is designed to hold your dry goods, snacks or drinks garnish.

The matching lid of the tray functions as a cutting board on one side and a recycled cork table on the other.

Add our natural cork insert with select bar accessories to ensure you’re never without a bottle opener, corkscrew or champagne stopper.

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Be The First

Pre Order your's today and be among the first to experience the refinement of The Meridian Cooler.

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